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Our blog is meant to keep our clients in the loop on the latest developments and happenings in the financial world. We also hope to provide education on some of the strategies we employ in our customized, goal-oriented financial planning. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date!

Talking about your finances shouldn’t be stressful. It should be exciting, and it’s my job to give you something to be excited about.”

Wendy Prestwood, CMFC, CRPCFind Your Peace of Mind.

Our Process

Our process is carefully crafted to fit each of our clients in some way. It is simple and repeatable yet comprehensive and able to shepherd each individual through the undertaking of designing a personalized financial plan. We begin with a discovery phase during which we get to know you and your needs. We then move on to researching the right options for you then setting your strategy in motion. Finally, we maintain and upkeep your plan while helping you navigate life’s many obstacles. See each step in our process below!

About Us

We believe in presenting each and every one of our clients with four things: unique relationships, customized planning and investments, clarity on compensation, and a full scope of services. This is an approach we have always believed in, as we think it gives us the best chance to build a lasting partnership. It also holds us to the highest standard of both performance and transparency, and we’re proud to be a partner that builds relationships upon a foundation of open and honest communication.

Meet Wendy

A Unique Relationship

We focus on building a unique relationship and spending our time getting to know you and what truly matters to you. This helps us best address your goals and unique ideas, giving us a better understanding of how to customize a plan that is geared toward your life’s mission.

Customized Planning & Investments

Each client’s goals are different, and each person has a different appetite for risk. We custom build each portfolio to account for those goals and levels of tolerance for risk to put you in a position to secure your assets and protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Clarity on Compensation

The strongest type of relationship is mutually beneficial. That’s why we are transparent with our fee-based structure that compensates us based on your success. We are incentivized emotionally, mentally and financially to protect and grow your assets.

Full Scope of Services

Finance is extremely personal and emotional, and it plays a key role in nearly every aspect of your life. That’s why we provide a full scope of services that address each of your needs no matter which stage of life you’re currently in. Our services list is crafted with your needs in mind.

Contact Us

You deserve to feel comfortable when talking about your finances. With us, you are an equal, and our job isn’t complete until you understand your plan just as well as we do. If you’re ready to begin a partnership that lasts a lifetime, fill out our form below, and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Wendy Prestwood, CMFC, CRPC

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